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The Math sets Quiz  consists of Maths Multiple Choice questions on Set For competitions and exams. Select the correct option to test your Set skills


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George Cantor gave idea of Sets in
"Theory of Sets of Points" was published by
The property of in which set of all members that are a member of Set A, or Set B, or both is called
The property of set in which set of all members of U that are not members of A is called
All possible subsets of a set is called
Symmetric difference of sets A and B is the set of all members that are a member of exactly one of Set A and Set B
Two sets A and B having no elements in common are referred as
Pictorial representation of sets is referred as
Difference of set is denoted by
Complement of universal set is always
Singleton Set contains
E = {2, 4, 6, 8. . .} is a set of even number having
Subdivision of A into non-overlapping, nonempty subsets is called
Which of these sets are equal A= {a, b, c}, B={c, b, c, a}, C={b, a, b, c}, D={b, c, a, b}

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