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Sampling statistics Quiz Questions and Answers

Sampling statistics Quiz: Sampling statistics is basic entity in the statistics, one can get a good command over the subject of statistic and maths through making his/ he grip on the sampling. in everyday life from home to office, and shop to mall statistician is never beaten by the calculations and maths work.


Population Sample Inference

1. Small part of this population is often referred as
2. Procedure or process to get sample is referred as
3. Population size ans sample size respectively denoted by
4. In Sampling with replacement each member of a population may be chosen more than once
5. In a sampling process where each member is chosen only for once is referred as
6. Any item obtained from a sample for the purpose of estimating a population parameter is referred as
7. Common population parameters are
8. The probability distribution of a sample statistic is referred as
9. If a student obtains 50,58,79,69,60, marks in 5 different subjects their sample median, mode and mean is
10. Suppose a population of 3000 men at a town of whom literate's mean is 68.0 and standard deviation is 3.0 . If 80 samples consisting of 25 men each are obtained, what would be the mean and standard deviation of the resulting sample of means if sampling were done (a) with replacement, (b) without replacement?
11. Find the arithmetic mean of the numbers
12. Three groups of students, consisting of 10, 5, 4, individuals, reported mean marks of their subjects 162, 148, 153, respectively. Find the mean marks of all the students.

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