Best Quotes for life

Here are some best quotes for life. Life is driven by motivation and inspiration, we feel and want to drive your life….keep smiling.

Dishonest is disbeliever.

Exchange gifts it will increment love.
Make Reconciliation among two persons it is expiation.

 (Sayings by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH))

The person who cannot slouch he cannot fight. (Tom Harry Son)

Wars are fought with determination not by persons. (General Rommel)

One day life of a lion is better than hundred years life of a Jackal. (Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu)

War the best persons and leaves the worst for genocide. (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Not years required to know Allah, only a single moment can lead us to Allah (Rumi)  

Experience is our friend which meets us when we have lost a lot. (Plato)

Advise friend in lonely and appreciate him before people. (Pythagorean)

Life is a continuous assessment (Richard Hames)

Solid determination is half success (Robert De Milo)

The greatest weakness is your disappointment. (Emerson)

The greatest miracle of ISLAM is that he has placed man on its real place of HUMANITY.(Rabinder Nath Tagore)

One who can not keep ones secret loses respect. (Tomas Moor)

Continuous struggle is secret of success (Moe Zedong)

Good intention always lead us to the destination. (Lord Kipling)

Change your habits your fate will automatically change (Elizabeth Taylor)

Your greatest foes are you bad friends. (Sheikh Saadi)

Women and Wine makes a man fool (Sir Winston Churchill)

Your wisdom is your best teacher (Dwight D. Eisenhower)

Speak less and listen more. (Doctor Jim Clark)

Every person is waiting for initiative of others. (Farabi)

People fight and die for religion, but they do not bother to act on religion. (Khalil Jabran)

Selfish can not be God lover (Socrates)

Learn lesson of love from rain, it showers equally on flowers and thorns.

(George Washington)

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