Positive And Negative Numbers quiz

In mathematics signed numbers have great significant. Because they tell us direction of length of quantity. If there is positive sign with a quantity we assume that it is increasing. whereas if negative sign is used then it tells us that quantity is surely on decrease. Besides increment and decrements they also explain class of numbers in calculus.  Signed numbers in maths often called integers. There are two classes of integers on the basis of their signs i.e. positive integers and negative integers. here is Positive And Negative Numbers quiz.


Signed numbers Directed Numbers of Elementary Maths Quiz

Integers are commonly used in the elementary mathematics and it has wide applications in daily life. one of the most common application is signed numbers or some time called directed numbers. we often use temperature as -10 C or +20 C , the + ( positive sign) and – (negative sign) represents the lower and upper limit of zero, these numbers are called signed numbers or directed numbers. These numbers can also be shown on the number line with arrow head that is why they may be referred as directed numbers.

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