To achieve an excellent tan without exposing our health we must prioritize the hydration of the skin, both before sunbathing and during and after, as well as drinking plenty of water.The best tips to get an excellent tan are for your beauty.

To show off an excellent tan on your skin, you should start the process long before you are exposed to the sun . There are some essential questions that you should keep in mind, since not only will they help you achieve the desired tone, but you will be able to enjoy it for much longer without affecting the health of your skin.

The best tips to get an excellent tan

Trust antioxidant pills

Different studies by specialists in dermatology indicate that beta-carotene and vitamin E benefit skin tanning . These protect it effectively against the harmful effects of sun exposure.

To be able to get the benefits of these substances you should start taking oral supplements at least 15 days before sun exposure.

Prepare your skin

It is very important that before submitting to the effects of the sun your skin is free of dead cells and irregularities. For this, it is essential that you apply several exfoliation sessions .

You do not need to attend any special place for it: you can do it at bath time. You can use liquid gel with particles or another alternative with which you feel more comfortable.

Use Photo resist

You should not believe the false myth that indicates that the sunscreen prevents tanning. On the contrary, it effectively protects you from the negative effects of sun exposure. If you use it, you will have a beautiful tan, maintaining the health of your skin and avoiding painful burns.

You must practice ADD protection¬†.¬†These acronyms mean “before, during and after”, which are exactly the moments in which you must protect your skin to obtain as a result the tan you want so much.

So what you should do is apply cream with sunscreen half an hour before leaving your home, and then put it back every two hours during the process. Subsequently, it is essential to lubricate the skin with moisturizing cream. This will guarantee optimal results.

The best tips to get an excellent tan
The best tips to get an excellent tan

Bet on solar sticks

It is extremely important that¬†you do not forget to give extra protection to the areas of the skin most sensitive¬†to the sun’s rays.¬†Otherwise, you will suffer adverse effects.¬†That is why it is recommended that you use protection bars constantly.

Not only should you apply it on your lips , but also on areas with delicate skin such as eyelids, the edges of the eyes and skin marks.

Take care of your diet

Also what you ingest may influence how your skin looks when you want to get an excellent tan, golden and durable. As we have already mentioned,  there are foods that you can take to improve the health of your skin . Among the fruits and vegetables that provide them, we find:


The best tips to get an excellent tan


The best tips to get an excellent tan
The best tips to get an excellent tan


The best tips to get an excellent tan

Red Morrón

The best tips to get an excellent tan



The best tips to get an excellent tan

Hydrate your skin thoroughly

If you do not have a sufficiently hydrated skin, instead of getting a golden whole, the nutrients of this will dry up and you will have a dry and damaged skin. This is precisely what we want to avoid.

Before exposing yourself to the sun, apply an intense treatment of at least three weeks with moisturizers . And after sunbathing properly, you should continue with the moisturizing treatment. Of course, it also implies that you must drink water constantly.

Avoid fast tanning

Tanning beds are not recommended . Exposure to UV rays is harmful to the health of the skin and does not produce a lasting tan.

The best thing you can do is to dedicate the necessary time to expose yourself to the sun’s rays¬†.¬†In this way, it will be a little more delayed but, at the same time, you can get good results.¬†You already know: to relax for sunbathing.

Sunbathe with responsibility

Sun exposure with responsibility, far from being harmful to health, has important benefits.¬†The sun’s rays are the main source of vitamin A¬†that all organisms require.

It is very important to keep in mind that the best hours to sunbathe are the first hours of the day and always avoid the central hours.

Health is Wealth

The best tips to get an excellent tan
The best tips to get an excellent tan