The benefits of using a word processor

The word processor is one of the most essential official applications in recent days. Since its inception in market, its popularity is on increase. It widely in use in Government offices as well as in private sectors. Moreover, individuals, professionals and students are in habit of its use. On the hand it is also used in homes. There are varieties of uses of this application, manual writing and manual book keep as well as record keeping has become past practice. Some of The benefits of using a word processor summarized as below:

Uses of ms word in business

The insert is most useful option that assists user for insertion of various stuffs in word documents. For example, Pages, subgroup facilitates the user to insert a cover page, a blank page, and a page break. From tables one can insert tables and related items in its document. If a user wants to add pictures, shapes, charts, and screen shorts then Illustrations group  for this purpose. On the other hand, on line data from Wikipedia, Microsoft store and My apps can be incorporated from Add-ins. Besides, online video is available to add from Media tool. Remaining groups are for addition of links, comments, insertion of header & footer and text in the word document. The last group of Insert is Symbols. Which is for insertion of symbol and equation.








The letter and document writing is a simple and easy task with the aid of word processor.¬†By using properties of ‚ÄúPage layout‚ÄĚ, one can¬†do¬†a lot¬†of¬†things with his writing draft.¬†Likewise, setting page margin, orientation and size of the page is just single click away.¬†Earlier such designing was the difficult task for individuals as well as professionals to do.¬†In addition to this one can arrange its writing scripts‚Äô paragraphs by using left and right indent.¬†Similarly, a writer can adjust spacing of the paragraph.

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The footnote is second option available regarding insertion of the footnote and their record and edit. Thirdly, by Citation and Bibliography one can manage ones sources and citation for their thesis and book. Fourthly, Captions subgroup enables you to insert caption, table of figures and their references for any number of images you are going to incorporate in your material. Second last option facilitates you to insert index. And last subgroup is, to manage your authorities and permissions regarding your data and references.







Shortcut keys for ms word

The benefits of using a word processor

In addition to this, mailing option is yet another useful tool of word processing. It automatically manages your mailing list and keeps record of all of your recipients and letters. The very first subgroup is Create, which is for  managing delivery and return address. Meanwhile, you can simultaneously manage printing of addresses of both parties on envelop through this. The second subgroup is Start Mail Merge. You can define shape of your correspondence, by using Start Mail Merge, by selecting your desired option. Similarly, recipients list can be selected through Select Recipients. As previous categories you can edit your recipient list yet another time by Edit Recipient List.

In the same lines, various insertions can be incorporated like address block, greeting line, merger of fields in the letters by subgroup of Write & Insert Fields. For checking of errors in correspondence you can review your setting and writing through Preview Results. Last option is to finish.

Uses of ms word in education

Another useful feature of latest MS Word is availability of useful tools under group of Review. First, is Proofing subgroup which enables a user to check spelling and grammar, define and find meaning of words? Moreover, one can count total number of words of one’s document. The second tool is comments, facilitate users to add new comment. Third one is a very useful tool. Various things for tracking alteration as well as recording alteration in the document are used. Changes is the fourth tool used to accept and reject changes in the original documents. Second last is compare, which issued to compare documents. The last one is heart of all. You can protect a document by restrict editing.

Moreover, references is another tool embedded in MS word, for book publishing or arranging research data. Undoubtedly, this menu has replaced all the work done by a publishing team/worker in a press. Now, arranging data and research work is much easier. It has all helping items from title of the book to the glossary. The first group is the table of contents having Table of contents and Add text, subgroup. In addition to this you can edit and update your previously added table of contents by icon Update table.

View group is  to view documents in various forms.

Math Type is another useful tool. It saves time and money for printing and writing of a maths book manually. Thus, all maths work can be done through this subgroup.

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