Tips to Keep Face Fresh | Tips for Fresh Face:

It is said that “Face is index of mind”. Traditionally beautiful and fair faces people are attracted and loved more. it doesnt mean that people who dont have fair complexion are not loved they are equally loved. Face beauty matters but moral ethics and manners and characters have greater weightage. Any how for your face freshness we are posting “10 Top tips to keep face fresh and clean for Men Women”.


  • Use an oil-free make-up and clean it up before going to bed.
  • After finished your work  As soon as you can take,take a bath must . Sweat and dirt bacteria make the cause of face pimples.
  • . Drink at least 10 glass of water daily, 8 glass for  health 2 for skin beauty .
  • Walk faster an hour in the morning, preferably on grass.
  • A few of us are aware that shampoo can also cause pimples on face.. It is better to choose shampoo without fragrance and wash out from hair well.
  •  Mental stress also cause pimple and acne on your face, exercise is the best way to get rid from stress.
  • Don’t touch or rub pimples with  fingers ,it can cause infections on your face.
  • Dirty  pillow’s  cover and towels can cause acne on your face so,it is essential to keep them clean.
  • Keep your face clean.Wash At least twice a day and do proper cleansing .
  • Avoid fat and junk food. Eat healthy food .